• Carol J Sommer

How to compete in a seller's market!

No need to "arm wrestle" when competing to buy your next home! You need a skilled Realtor and some saavy tools in the toolbox to compete. There are many ways to be a competitive buyer in what is clearly a "seller's" market in the Greater Columbus area.

Don't assume offering the most money will get you the deal - it may not! The best conditions for seller acceptance are generally the most "favorable terms." That includes give and take not only on price, type of financing but any and all contingencies that may become barriers to closing the transaction. Forget the swing set, riding lawn mower and big screen in the man cave. Asking for the moon may have just cost you the deal. Be realistic, write a clean offer, use a great lender, and hire an outstanding Realtor. At least you'll have a fighting chance!


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